My first written test for a job!

Well, the big day has come for everyone. Its morning 6:30AM and hundreds of people in almost the same dress walking down the road towards the same goal! Everyone thinking as high of himself as possible. The scenario on IIIT Roads these days is same as in front the newly build DLF building. Hundreds of people in white shirt and black pants. The dresses successfully hiding the actual personals, makes me feel very high of everyone I meet.

Coming to the test part, I was totally (+vely) surprised to see the techie questions in the written tests. I loved almost every moment of the test. I never felt like this during any of the exams before. It was a unique experience. I sat through the tests without feeling bored even for a single minute. Finally congrats to all who got selected for interview and good luck to everyone else :)

Rest is secret 😛

Cheers !!!!