Funny Orkut Bug

Everybody was so happy with the new orkut design that it was looking like Google is really on the way to knock out all other social networking sites. But this new design brought some crap with it. The homepage notifications which included daily updates on profile, photo, video updates from friends was really irritating. It turned out to be very annoying for a lot of people to see all that info on you orkut home-page.

Though orkut provided an option to hide updates from your friends. But it never worked out and even after updating the option many times, I couldn’t manage ( or I should say orkut couldn’t manage) to hide updates from my friends.

Today, I just got crazy and set the option to show updates and what I saw when I returned to that page was surprising. OMGWTF, there are not updates from my friends. And even if they are there they are not shown at all. This is really funny when you want to see something you are not allowed to and when you kick something outa your home-page, it is enforced on you :)

So, if you wanna hide updates from your friends, checkout show updates and have fun.

Here the pic proof …

Funny Orkut Bug - Kulbir Saini, general bordeaux

PS : Coming soon, a post on social entrepreneurship and mgmt class.


Kulbir Saini

I am a B.Tech. student at IIIT Hyderabad studying Computer Science and Engineering. My interests include Open Source, Free Software, Object Oriented Programming, Web Design, Social Entrepreneurship etc. I enjoy exploring Linux and writing about it. To know more about me visit my home page at


10 thoughts on “Funny Orkut Bug

  1. You have been caught using Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Windows Media Player and the bubbly girly Win-XP theme.

    No OpenSource goodies for you, bad boy!

  2. @Gagan, Nishant
    are yaar … my machine is not working … so i am using others’ machines for the time being … and I can’t force anybody to use something which they don’t like …

    you can kill me for that… 😀

    over to orkut …

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